Dog Training Services

The Board Hound’s training philosophy relies on science-based, force-free and fear-free training methods. Our training methods use pleasant forms of motivation to teach your dog new behaviors. All our training methods are supported by the ASVAB, APDT, AKC, CCPDT, and Humane Society of the United States. Motivators can vary between dogs, but are generally focused on food, affection, and play to reward and reinforce behavior.

Group Class Availability

Please review the complete class schedules on our Calendar. Registration for classes can be accommodated for current clients by emailing All group classes are held at our Old Town location.

Fall 2020 Classes

Foundations of Obedience I – Fall 2020/Section A
This class meets at 7pm on Tuesday evenings beginning September 22nd. 

Foundations of Obedience I – Fall 2020/Section B
This class meets at 1pm on Saturday afternoons beginning September 26th.

Open Registration

Free Puppy Party – Every Saturday at 10am – Register your puppy here!

Puppy Kindergarten
Rolling Enrollment – First session begins August 3, 2020.
Monday & Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

The Board Hound is passionate about improving the relationships between dogs and their owners by building trust and making the training experience enjoyable for everyone. We will never use methods involving pain, fear, or force.

Please review our variety of training and enrichment options for your pup. We offer traditional options like In-Person Private Training, Group Classes and Board & Train as well as non-traditional options like Play School, Virtual Private Training, and enrichment opportunities!

Training Services & Pricing

Training Consultations (via GoogleTM Meet)
FREE 30-minute session
Training Consultations are required prior to scheduling all Private Training Sessions, Play School, Board & Train, and Group Classes to make sure our training services are a good fit for your pup, and to provide recommendations as needed. This is an opportunity to discuss your goals for your dog and any training options you may be interested in.

Private Training

Virtual Private Training Session (via GoogleTM Meet)
$125 per hour
A great training option for you and your pup while practicing social distancing guidelines. Meet with our trainer for a one-hour training session via GoogleTM Meet and start working towards your training goals at home. These sessions are perfect for troubleshooting bad manners, teaching obedience skills, puppy problem solving, trick training, and behavior consultations.

In-Person Private Training Sessions
$150 per hour
Meet with our trainer for a one-hour training session custom tailored for you and your dog. These lessons can meet at your home, or another location of your choice. They are perfect for all levels of obedience, puppy problem solving, house training, perfecting good manners, leash reactivity, polite greetings, and aggression cases.

Virtual Follow-up Session (via GoogleTM Meet)
$50 per 30-minute session
This option is for current training clients to meet with their trainer as needed to troubleshoot, ask follow-up questions, or get additional help with training goals. These follow-up sessions are booked directly with your trainer.

Play School and Board & Train

These options are wonderful training opportunities for your pup while maintaining social distancing guidelines for humans! All Play School and Board & Train options include a private YouTube playlist of your dog’s sessions as well as tips and tricks to continue reinforcing your dog’s new skills at home. These options are obedience-based, and can be customized to your dog’s ability, knowledge, and skill level. These training options require a daycare evaluation and training consultation prior to registration.

Play School
$785 per week – Includes four one-hour Play School sessions and a one-hour Virtual Private Training Session at the end of the week.  Daycare cost is not included.
$275 for continuing education – Includes three 30-minute Play School Sessions and a 30-minute Virtual Training Session. Continuing education is intended to reinforce Play School training goals after the initial week has been completed. Continuing education can also follow our Board & Train service. Daycare cost is not included.

Board & Train (Shirlington Location Only)
$1175 for 10 nights (minimum) – Includes six (6) Play School Sessions and a one-hour Virtual Private Training Session. Boarding and Daycare costs are not included.
$495 for each additional 5-night increment – Includes three additional one-hour Play School sessions to incorporate additional training goals, and 30 additional minutes included in your Virtual Private Training Session. Boarding and Daycare costs are not included.

Group Classes & Puppy Party

The Board Hound offers group training classes in all levels of obedience. Our group classes are designed to with a high trainer to student ratio, with no more than six student per class section! This gives the ability for individual attention and assistance throughout your training experience. The Fall 2020 class schedules are posted to our Calendar! To register for any available group classes, please email or submit your registrations paperwork to get set up with us as a new client.

Puppy Party (Beginning July 11!)

Puppy socialization opportunities for pups up to 20 weeks old. Puppy Party is held on Saturdays at 10am at our Old Town Location. Our Puppy Party schedule is posted to our Calendar and registration can be accessed through the Puppy Party Sign-Up! You do not have to be a registered client to attend Puppy Party.

Puppy Kindergarten (rolling admission)
6 classes, 1-hour sessions – $195
Curriculum follows positive experience socialization, name recognition, healthy play, voluntary attention, and exposure to new experiences. The course is also designed to helps owners with puppy problem solving, and customized recommendation for your puppy’s unique needs. The Puppy K curriculum is designed with flexible schedules to accommodate owners and the needs of each puppy. Puppy K meets every Monday and Wednesday. Sessions can be used once or twice per week, and includes our free Puppy Party on Saturdays! Puppy K is offered with rolling admission and is for puppies under 20 weeks old. For shy, timid, or very young puppies, it is welcomed and encouraged to register for more than one cycle of Puppy K.

Foundations of Obedience I
8 weeks*, 1-hour sessions – $275
Introduction to clicker training and obedience. Curriculum includes sit, down, come, stay, leash manners, & more! For puppies and adult dogs 20 weeks and older. *This class includes a mandatory virtual orientation prior to the first on-ground session.

Foundations of Obedience II (beginning January 2021)
7 weeks, 1-hour sessions – $225
Curriculum includes advancing obedience knowledge and consistency to better prepare for intermediate and advanced classes. This class also incorporates custom curriculum design based on your dog’s ability. Pre-Requisite: Foundations I or Head Trainer Approval

Intermediate Obedience (beginning Summer 2021)
7 weeks, 1-hour sessions
Advancing Obedience & Custom Class Curriculum. Pre-Requisite: Foundations I or Head Trainer Approval (Foundations II is recommended)

Advanced Obedience (beginning Fall 2021)
7 weeks, 1-hour sessions
Advancing Obedience & Custom Class Curriculum Pre-Requisite: Intermediate Obedience or Head Trainer Approval

Workshops & Seminars

The Board Hound will soon begin offering a variety of workshops covering topics from leash manners, reactivity, tricks, and more! Keep an eye on our Calendar for more information on our workshops and seminars!

Enrichment & Training Add-Ons

Brain Games
$35 per 30-minute session
Pick your trick! Brain Games is offered as an add-on enrichment service to daycare visits and boarding stays. Your dog should have prior clicker experience to be eligible for Brain Games participation.

House Training Treats
$4 per 30-minute session
House training treats can be provided for Play School, Board & Train, and Private training sessions. There is no cost to provide your own high-value treats for training sessions.

Training Registration & Requirements

the Board Hound is dedicated to providing affordable dog training solutions to best fit a variety of training goals. Virtual Training Consultations allows for new clients to meet with a knowledgable training to answer questions and provide recommendations for your training needs. We understand that every dog has unique needs, and owners may have differing goals for their pup. Our goal is to start your dog’s personalized plan on the right path.

Here’s how to get registered for our training services:

  1. Please complete and submit a New Client Registration Form to
    • If your dog is a current participant in daycare or boarding, there is no need to submit a new registration form.
  2. Please submit your dog’s up-to-date vaccine records to You may also fax them to 866-924-1480.
  3. After submitting your complete application, please schedule your free training consultation.
  4. Once scheduled and confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation for your appointment.
  5. Prior to your first appointment, please visit our Policies page to review current policy and operational procedures.

Requirements for your dog to participate in training services:

Please read the requirements per training service below:

FREE Puppy Party is for puppies 8 weeks to 20 weeks old. Puppies must be vaccinated with Bordetella and their first two rounds of distemper. Puppies over 16 weeks must have their Rabies vaccine as well. There is no requirement to register as a new client, or complete a training consultation, for your dog to attend Puppy Party.

Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies 8 weeks old to 20 weeks old. Puppies must be vaccinated with Bordetella and their first two rounds of Distemper. Puppies over 16 weeks old must have their Rabies vaccine as well.  Registration paperwork with vaccines, and a training consultation, is required prior to registering for Puppy K. If your puppy has attended Puppy Party, the training consultation is not required. Puppy K has a rolling admission, so it can start any time. However, puppies must be 16 weeks or younger at the time of their first session, and cannot be older than 20 weeks at their last session.

Private Training is for all dogs over 8 weeks old. Age appropriate vaccines required prior to scheduling private training. A Training Consultation is required prior to scheduling Virtual Private Training or In-Person Private Training sessions.

Group Classes (excluding Puppy K) are for all dogs 20 weeks and older. A Training Consultation and all appropriate vaccines are required prior to registering for group classes.

Play School and Board & Train are both options for dogs 10 weeks of age and older, with all age-appropriate vaccines. The drop-off daycare evaluation and the training consultation is required prior to scheduling Play School or Board & Train.