Daycare Availability

Sunday, July 31 – Accepting Reservations
Monday, August 01 – Accepting Reservations
Tuesday, August 02 – Accepting Reservations
Wednesday, August 03 – Accepting Reservations – Almost Full for Daycare!
Thursday, August 04 – Accepting Reservations
Friday, August 05 – Full for Daycare
Saturday, August 06 – Accepting Reservations

Please email us at to schedule a daycare reservation. All reservations must be cancelled by 5 pm the day before to avoid the late cancellation fee.


At The Board Hound, our philosophy on daycare begins with the basics: safety, cleanliness, and fun. Our smaller play groups come with individual care and attention, while providing a low-stress, safe, daycare environment. Since safety is our first priority, we start with providing a staff to dog ratio of about 1 to 10. This personalization ensures that your dog is always closely monitored. We understand that not all dogs are the same so we match energy levels, comfort levels, and play styles to create the perfect playgroup with each dog in mind. These playgroups are continuously adjusted as the dynamics fluctuate thought the day to ensure that all the dogs stay safe and happy.

Our daycare flooring is temperature controlled for comfort, and made of epoxied concrete to prevent paw and pad injuries. And because our floor and walls are non-porous, They are easy to clean and disinfect. Our play areas are thoroughly disinfected to provide an exceptionally clean daycare environment every day. Our play areas also include our trademarked RoofTop PlayTM space. Our unique outdoor play area provides your dog access to fresh air throughout the day in monitored playgroups, and cleaned at the end of every day. RoofTop PlayTM is approached just the same as our other play areas to provide a low-stress, safe, and clean environment.

At The Board Hound, we understand that every dog has unique needs while in daycare. We do our absolute best to accommodate any special request for your dog while in our care. We can accommodate a wide range of requests to suit your dog’s needs ranging from midday lunch to scheduled rest time. In addition to providing exceptional care for your canine companions, we are equally flexible and understanding of our clients’ needs. We offer early drop off in the morning before we open, as well as late pick up in the evening. Our evaluations and consultations are always 100% free and include your first day of daycare at no additional charge. We also offer a 10% discount on all services and merchandise for all Active Duty Military.

If you are a current client and would like to make a reservation, please email your request to We accept daycare reservations at any time if you hold a daycare package. Non-package holders can make reservations up to one week in advance.

Here’s how to get started:

Due to very high daycare and boarding demand, we will not be accepting new clients for the summer. We will open to new clients again beginning Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Please submit your paperwork to us no earlier than August 15, 2016 to schedule your evaluation for September. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  1. Download, review, and complete the required registration forms.
  2. Email your completed registration forms, and a copy of your dog’s vaccine record to, or you may fax them to 866-924-1480.
  3. After submitting your paperwork, please contact us via email (or phone) to schedule your evaluation (if you don’t hear from us first!).

Note: We have very limited space for new-dog evaluations & consultations. Also, if you have an upcoming boarding need, please submit those dates to us with your registration paperwork so that we can make sure we have space for those dates.

Here’s how our evaluations work:

The Drop-off Evaluation is our most convenient, and most popular, evaluation option. We offer the flexibility of a Drop-off Evaluation in order to accommodate any busy schedule. Drop-off Evaluations are typically scheduled between 7 am and 9 am Monday through Thursday after we have received your required registration paperwork, including vaccines (Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella). When you drop your dog off for your evaluation, he will need to stay for a minimum of 4 hours. However, you can always leave him for a longer trial day, if desired. There is also no requirement to be present for his evaluation. During the initial evaluation, your dog will be introduced to several staff members as well as other dogs under the supervision of a manager. After which, your pup will be placed in an appropriate playgroup according to his play style, energy level, and comfort level.

The Daycare Consultation option can be accommodated between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm Monday through Friday, with an appointment. The Daycare Consultation consists of a one-on-one evaluation, before scheduling a trial day of daycare. This option is best suited for dogs with any behavioral concerns, special needs, or if you just aren’t sure how your dog will be around other dogs. For any dog younger than 16 weeks of age, we will require the Daycare Consultation. All dogs must be at least 10 weeks old, with Bordetella and the first two rounds of Distemper. Rabies is not required for dogs under 4 months old.

Daycare Pricing

Full-Day Daycare: $34 ($5 discount for each additional dog)

Half-Day Daycare (6 hour maximum): $27 per dog

Daycare Packages*:

  • 05-Day Package: $165 ($33 per day)
  • 10-Day Package: $320 ($32 per day)
  • 15-Day Package: $465 ($31 per day)
  • 20-Day Package: $600 ($30 per day)
  • 30-Day Package: $870 ($29 per day)

Additional Dog Daycare Packages* ($5 discount, per day, for additional dogs in the same family):

  • Additional Dog 05-Day Package: $140 ($28 per day)
  • Additional Dog 10-Day Package: $270 ($27 per day)
  • Additional Dog 15-Day Package: $390 ($26 per day)
  • Additional Dog 20-Day Package: $500 ($25 per day)
  • Additional Dog 30-Day Package: $720 ($24 per day)

*Daycare packages above are all full day packages and they do not expire. Daycare packages above cannot be applied to boarding stays, and will only be applied to half-day visits, if requested. Additional Dog Daycare Packages can be purchased of equal or lesser value, and will only be applied if both dogs are attending daycare.

Unlimited Monthly Daycare Package: $540 per dog** ($18 per day, per dog)

**Unlimited Monthly Daycare Packages can be purchased at any time, and will expire 30 days from the date of purchase. The Unlimited Monthly Daycare Package includes: complimentary early drop off, a daily standing reservation for daycare with no requirement to cancel, as well as discounted boarding rates. This package is only recommended for frequent daycare users.

Basic grooming is offered daily for dogs enrolled in daycare or boarding. Please visit our Boarding page for details.